Side trip to Battambang, Cambodia

My third day of my trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia was spent in nearby province of Battambang. I have been invited by a Filipino friend working there. He was hired by a non government organization based in Europe to assist and provide training to one local agency run by the government. There is nothing much to do there nor have any place of interest to speak of, so the only thing you can do there is to observe and feel the daily life of the locals. it's pretty laid-back provencial town. On thing I observed though is that there were hotels scattered with in town center though I spotted only a few tourists during the day I was there, and mostly backpackers.

This statue of Battambang himself.

Locals come here daily to pray and offer sacrifices of incense and fresh fruit.

A vintage concrete bridge

The Monks on their daily task of house to house soliciting.

A wedding reception with the couple portrait on display

The public market building.

Students in their school uniform.

The morning after I went back to Siem Reap and checked in at the same hotel. This time the receptionist gave me a room with a pool view as I have requested since day 1 but told me all has been occupied. I spent the rest of the day in the room and planned to take a dip in the pool in the afternoon but I overslept and woke up night already.

The view from the room terrace.

By 8pm I was already in town center exploring the night market and checking some souvenir items to bring home. Dinner was al fresco in a mock up street resto, and spent the rest of the night in a bar in Pub Street. Being Saturday night, the place was lively and a bit crowded. I was back in hotel past midnight. By 6am I was already at the airport for the trip back to Singapore.