List of task- the score card

January last year I made a list of to-do's I would like to accomplish for the whole twelve months, and I promised that I'll let you know of the outcome at year end. Twelve items of I believe would be easy to achieve ones and I thought then that a little effort would be needed to complete the tasks, and besides I did not make the list to force me something but guide me to have a nice and easy life for the whole year. Let's review it one by one.

1. Learn how to cook healthy food.

The only dish I tried to cook is pasta and the sauce is always the bottled one, all you have to do is pour it on hot saucepan and let it boil then pour on pasta. I still rely on my sinigang, nilaga, and adobo whenever I fell like cooking. My excuse maybe it's because I am still clueless on what is healthy food.

2. Be resourceful in choosing food to eat given the many choices available island-wide. Hokkien mee, fried rice are not the only food in hawkers center.

Chili crab in Lau Pa Sat is not bad aside from the pinoy food there, prawn mee at Wisma food republic is addictive, hainnese chicken rice in Maxwell is worth the queue. Ginger slice fish, horr pan, steamed pork with cucumber, and thai food in hawkers center in my place. Lucky Plaza has cheap japanese corner stall, jologs tapsilog and sisig are not bad and the kabayan kare-kare. And more, I think I achieved this task.

3. Exercise at least three times a week.

Zero lol, not a single one. next please!

4. Explore and discover one place a month, Orchard Road is not the only Singapore.

Mc Retchie reservoir, Chinese garden, chinatown, fort canning park, sentosa, no more.

Mc Ritchie Reservoir

Chinese Garden


5. Learn mandarin, hokkien whatever so that ordering food in hawkers center is not always mind-boggling experience.

Who can teach me please? marry one you say?

6. Learn to control temper.

Aaaggghhhhh, I don't have idea if this is achievable, lol

7. Limit intake of coffee.

Yes, water is my coffee now.

8. Visit at least three places in Malaysia.

Malacca, Tioman Island, Kuala Lumpur, and Johor Bahru. Four not just three. And I have been to Vietnam and Indonesia, for this I score high!

Tioman Island, Malaysia

9. Go home every three months.

Twice I go back to Philippines but once only did I go home. why, you ask? next question please lol.

10. Stay more on top the finances.

What is this? Bank is nagging me to give them some huh.

11. Learn how to create web page by not using ready-made templates.

Why bother if there are thousands to choose from? But seriously I still considering it, this I have to carry over for the coming year.

12. Be part of the solution and not of the problem

This is always my goal, so far so good.

There you have it, not bad after all right? New list coming up!