Day 1 in the Kingdom of Wonder, part 2

As agreed, my driver was already waiting for me at the lobby by 4 o'clock in the afternoon. The rest of the day will be spent checking out the Phnom Bakheng Temple sited on top of a hill and at the same time sunset viewing there. As read online, tourists crowded this place to view a spectacular sunset view. True enough by the time I reach the place, it was already crowded and still a lot were coming up on top of the temple.
It was not an easy climb up as the steps are too narrow.

A local park

While on the road, this captured my attention. An afternoon market scene.

This is where you purchase the ticket to be allowed to enter the temples. You are the one to purchase your own ticket as facepicture is incorporated at the ticket.

Passing Angkor Wat, the frontage along the main road were utilized as picnic ground by locals.

The entrance ground to Phnom Bakheng Temple.

'Climbing the hill by elephant - 20usd'

View of the Phnom Bakheng temple from afar

The crowd

View from atop

Monks mingling with the crowd

The temple under reconstruction.

It is not easy to climb up or down at the temple as the steps were too narrow.

Going down from the hill is tricky if you were not careful on choosing the path on your way down. As the place was getting dark, I spotted from a distance a group of tourist entering a narrow pathway in the middle of the jungle thought it would be a shortcut so I followed them, little did I know that it's a clifflike narrow pathway and I have to hold tight on the trees or else I will slide down at no time. I was in the middle of the jungle when the place was totally covered by darkness. I relied on the voices of those I was following for me to come out and reach the base of the hill.

After searching for my driver in the crowded area in darkness I told him it's time to leave the place. I was exhausted and hungry. I don't need to tell my driver what I want to do next. The next thing I know I was already in front of Sophea Angkor Pich Restaurant. As I was satisfied by his services so far, I asked my driver to join me dinner, only to learn after that it was a mistake cost wise, lol.

After dinner, he toured me around at the town center. He let me walk around for a while and check the bars and the night market. I have no intention to stay as I have to wake up early the next day and besides I have 2 hour sleep only the night before.