Monas of Jakarta

My Jakarta trip last November includes the visit to the national monument, Monas to local. It is a Jakarta landmark and a national pride which stand 129m tall in the middle of open square. This concrete candle like structure has a 35 kg gold plated flame on top of it and a viewing level where the entire Jakarta can be viewed from here.

I came here on my second day of my holiday to this city. I read beforehand that this place can be crowded on weekend and queue to the view deck is long, so since I did visit the place on a weekend, I made up my mind not to go up the view deck and instead just explore the vicinity. But that day I found that the queue was tolerable so I decided to go up instead.
I managed to be on the view deck 30 minutes after queuing. Entrance to the structure is not directly at the foot of it but meters away and you have to passed thru a tunnel type passageway. The basement is one huge hall with four sides of the wall contains dioramas of the country's own road to independence. Beginning from early settlers to up to the birth of the republic. The upper level is the independence hall where mural on the wall is the inscription of the declaration of independence, the map of the country and the government coat of arms. On top of it is the goblet, practically there is nothing on it just an open space all covered with ceramic flooring. The view deck has a 360 degrees view of the entire city.

This is the entrance to the monument, meters away and under ground.

The main basement which houses the historical museum.

Four walls which contains the dioramas, 48 of them.

One of the dioramas.

The Independence hall

Mural on four sides : The declaration of Indepence, the coat of arms, the text of the declaration, and the map of Indonesia.

The goblet yard.

The queue to the viewing platform in front of me.

Behind me

The entrance door leading to the elevator that will bring us up. The lift can accommodate 10 people at a time!

The viewing flatform

The Presidential Palace

The National Museum.

The huge Mosque, can you spot the Jakarta Cathedral here?