My Trip to Phuket, Thailand

I went out of Singapore again last weekend, my second for the month, this time to Phuket, Thailand. It was short weekend holiday but I have a wonderful time. I arrived Phuket Saturday night and after checking in I immediately went out to experience nightlife. I managed to try three bars and by 1am I finally called it a night since I have a booked island tour the next day. There are so many choices online for the Phi Phi island tour and though they're offering the same itinerary, the price varies which ranges from 800 baht to as high as 3000 baht. If you choose the cheaper rate you will be spending more time on traveling than in the islands. I booked for the tour which uses speedboat as it is faster, less passengers and more time in the islands. In the evening, I explored the nightlife vicinity of
Patong beach. There are lots of shops, bars, restaurants lined opposite the beachfront. I enjoyed the music of the Filipino band at an open bar/resto in the area.

The next day I spent the whole morning at Patong beach. The whole stretch of the beachfront has thousands of beach chair that can be rented at 100 baht each. Patong beach is too commercialize already that for you to use the beach you have to pay for space. Though I have seen some who just lay their towel close to shore but then if you do this you might be intruding the one behind you. The best part to swim is at early morning as it is less crowded, by mid day it become crowded.

The hotel I stayed in allowed me for a late check out at 3:30pm since my flight back to Singapore was at 10pm. I spent the rest of the day at the mall, yes there is mall at Patong, modern and huge and has 4 cinemas.

Two nights in Phuket is not enough but I was able to squeezed in all things I want to experience while I was there. Definitely i'll be coming back!

My hotel room for two nights

The Royal Phuket Marina where the start off of the island tour.

the Khai Island

the Phi Phi Dhon where the lunch was served.

Rock formation

The monkey beach

Viking Cave
Pi Leh Cove
The Maya Bay, where the movie "The Beach" was filmed

Open bar/resto The Port where Manila Machine, a Filipino band plays.
Patong Beach
View from where I was seated, nice you say?

The opposite side of the beach

Street scene