My new year eve

I have an uneventful new year eve, because of that I hibernate for three days. I was too lazy to go out and just stay home until now. My mind seemed not functioning well also because of what happened. Before that I have  planned to visit Kuala Lumpur after new year so I filed  Friday leave.

You see I planned to celebrate new year eve at the Marina Bay and be there just in time for the countdown and the fireworks, so I attended the 10.30 mass at the Novena church and expected that the mass will end at 11.30. I did not expect that the parish has plan to finish the mass just in time and have their own countdown. I arrived church minutes before it going to start, I choose to sit inside the church though there were already people sitting at the covered carpark which I have regretted after. I was trapped inside and was not able to leave for Marina Bay. Should I chosen to sit outside I had able to leave in time for the countdown. I was disappointed that upon leaving church I heeded straight home. 

How was your new year's eve?

I missed new year's eve back home....

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