List of tasks

Years ago I resolved to not making any list of tasks and to-do's whenever a new year comes in.But this year I decided to have one. I would like to write down what I'd like to accomplish or achieve in the next twelve months. With the present state of the world economy, I'm going to jot down only things that are within my control so that, no matter 's how is going with the world this year, I should be able to tick this list off one by one.Will 2009 be another year full of potential for me so that this list of resolutions be not be promises that will most likely be kept for a few weeks or months, or not at all.

1. Learn how to cook healthy food.
2. Be resourceful in choosing food to eat given the many choices available island-wide. Hokkien mee, fried rice are not the only food in hawkers center.
3. Exercise at least three times a week.
4. Explore and discover one place a month, Orchard Road is not the only Singapore.
5. Learn mandarin, hokkien whatever so that ordering food in hawkers center is not always mind-boggling experience.
6. Learn to control temper.
7. Limit intake of coffee.
8. Visit at least three places in Malaysia.
9. Go home every three months.
10. Stay more on top the finances.
11. Learn how to create web page by not using ready-made templates.
12. Be part of the solution and not of the problem.

I’ll let you know at year’s end how I did.

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