Gong Xi Fa Cai!

This coming weekend will be longer than usual due to Chinese New Year holidays. My worksite is somber since last week as everybody seems on a holiday mode. Nobody now seems to care if there is deadline to meet and works to be completed. It's pretty much the same during Christmastime back home. But unlike in pinas where everybody is expected to come home for the holidays, here everybody is expected to be out of the country, though with the economic crisis, I think there are few who were contemplating to just stay home. I myself given the four days I will be idle, I was planning to go back home and do holidaying in Iloilo City for the Dinagyang festival. But that plan will not be materialize as there is no more available plane seat from Manila to Iloilo. Rather than pursuing a trip back home, I made option of a bus trip to Kuala Lumpur or an overnight trip to Bintan which is just a boat ride from Singapore. As money would be the deciding factor given the little amount left after the Christmas spending, I might just stay home and spend the rest of the holidays on the world wide web. Anyway given the current situation I just might save the money for the stormy days aka economic crisis we are going to embraced.

CNY show in a mall

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