Killing time

Every year around this time back home, after the all spending mode of Christmastime, I busied myself doing things trying to console myself for being broke. As money was not an issue during the holiday, I maximized spending all the money I have and received before the Christmas and the half-month pay at the end of the year. So during these days of January I end up almost having nothing to spend. Busying myself, means doing things that doesn’t involve spending money. After work you will find me inside bookstores reading magazines, and all sorts of books, and with frequency that one time the guard who was tasked to roam around had recognized me and told me pointblank that I have mistaken the store as a library which I countered back saying that I just haven’t find the book I will going to buy. Other that I watched movies, visit Timezone until my top-off card went zero. Watching movies then was cheap until the big malls came out with their humungous theaters that eat so much space and air-condition that as few people coming in due to high ticket price and cheap pirated DVDs' abundance you will end up watching movie inside a refrigerator. In few times with no much money and etching to kill time, I ended up watching movies in second run movie houses and boy what an experience you don’t want to have. I wonder if such thing is still happening up to now.

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