Do they think I'm stupid?

This morning I received a call from my cable television provider telling me that I am one of the lucky subscribers who have been upgraded from my 15 channels to 40 channels free of charge for six months. Instead of being ecstatic I end up complaining. Since day one my tv reception keeps on hanging. The first time I complained they told me to reboot and check the line installation, filter and on/off the modem then it would be okay. True enough for a day. The next day it’s the same thing and so I called them again and requested for a technician’s visit since maybe there is something wrong somewhere. The lady who answered my call told me that it is normal for a new connection in the first week I just have to be patient and once the modem become accustomed to (sic), my reception will then be okay (As I was away for more than a week that time I did not have the chance to repute such explanation). When I insist for a technician visit the next day she told me that there is no available, that was Thursday, and will only available in three working days. When I told her it would not possible since I will be out of the country by that time, she won’t budge. After several begging and end up by telling her that I will just terminate my subscription, she did not give in and told me that cancellation is not possible since I already sign for a year contract. I was disappointed and mad. The next day at lunch time while I was in office she called me that the technician is on the way to my place to check my connection. After so many begging to her the day before and she keep on insisting that there is no way a technician will be available the following day, then all of a sudden a call. I end up madder. Why? My office is far from my place and it is not possible for me to come home and be able to accommodate the technician and she knew it. Had she checked first the schedules of their technicians before she dropped instantly my request she would have learned that there is a technician visiting my block at lunchtime. So out of exasperation, I ended her call abruptly.

After I come back from vacation, reception seems okay for at least few days then the problem recur again. So, for me to watch tv I have to switch off the modem every after hang up. I did not make complain then until today. So when this guy called me this morning I told him about this dilemma, he said he will call me back. True enough he called back and told me that my problem can be solved by subscribing for a new telephone line just for the cable, I was dumbfounded.

By the way I still have to check when I’m home later if really my number of channels had been increased to 40 from only 16 channels. I have doubt because the real reason why he called was to convince me to subscribe to season pass.

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