In the year of the Ox

In this year of the Ox in chinese calendar, this is how this year fare me and looks like it's  going to be good vibes.

Characteristics : Strong, Pride, Boastful, Power-oriented, Clever

Career :  Good career luck. However your career will only advanced with the quality of  hard work you put in.

Wealth :  Wealth is good for you. Consider expanding your ventures overseas to reap bigger profits.

Relationship :  Married are advisable to spend time with your partner and guard your heart to avoid unhappiness to your family. Singles need to wait for opportunities to meet your ideal partner.

Health :  No major help problems this year. Water sports activities should be  approached with caution.

So, it's going to be a good year of the ox for me? Let's see.


  1. all the best for you this year of the Ox!

  2. more power-blogging for the new year !

    :) brb..