Exploring the Streets of Macau

I fell in love the moment  I have a glimpse of the old streets of Macau while riding in a bus. Despite the aging walls, the old cobblestones street alleys, there is something that I find the place unique. You just have to be there to truly fell the rich history of the city. The blending of the Chinese and Portuguese culture is so evident in every corner of its streets.

The objective of the walkthrough was to locate the Ruins of Saint Paul's. I alighted at the bus stop near the Senado Square, and from there I have to traverse the streets that will lead me to the place. Somehow instead of taking the crowded streets I ended traversing the narrow streets and eventually come out with the idea of just walk aimlessly. 

It is easy to get lost and be amazed to its inner streets. Walking through, you fell like you are inside a maze and every turn will be a discovery and fell in love more.  But don't worry there are street pole arrow markings that points out the directions of historical landmarks, and buildings of the city. There are street signs written in Portuguese and Chinese that you can refer to map in case you feel disoriented. But exploring the streets is not your thing and you are lost, just go with the crowd flow and it will lead you to where you want to go.

Pass by this street and try every food sample these food vendors offers and you will end up not hungry anymore once you reach to the end of the street. The only thing you need to spend is for the drink. But of course how could you resist not buying anything. 

This is the view from Mount Fortress