Ryan Cayabyab at the Esplanade Concert Hall

I finally set foot inside the Esplanade Concert Hall. In my list of task for this year,  I included on my list that I want to see what is inside the Esplanade because I am intrigued of how the interior be look like every time I passed by the building. 
The view from where I was seated

Just what I said there must be one show that really worth watching, and that show was Mr C and the RC Singers. Yes the maestro Mr Ryan Cayabyab held a concert at the Esplanade two fridays ago. I bought a ticket that sit me four rows from the stage. I just thought since its my first time, and anyway it is Mr C so it must be worth the ticket price. Watching him so close cost me 71Sgd. 

The show starts at exactly 7:30pm. We were allowed to enter fifteen minutes before the show starts. The ushers says that the door will be close once the show started. But still a few managed to sneaked in right after the show started. Karylle and Christian Bautista arrived late .  

The show covers Ryan Cayabyab own compositions and arrangement, his favorites, the music that influence him, to the music of Motown era, and Michael Jackson songs. The RC ( Ryan Cayabyab ) Singers were a revelation, it was my first time to watch them performed. The vocals, blending, choreography, and the showmanship, they were good and really worth listening. I enjoyed and definitely happy to watched them on stage.

The other thing I did while inside the Concert Hall was to admire the grandness of the interiors. The concert hall is one of the two main performing venues, the other one is the theatre. The concert hall can sits 1600 people, with four levels of settings. The hall has a state of the art acoustics and can cater to a diverse range of musical performances. Mr C and the RC Singers was a delight to hear inside this enormous hall.

I managed to take few photos very discreetly using iPhone. 

So item no.6 is done. I noticed now that there were two no.6 items on the list...

Before the show starts

The Michael Jackson songs medley

The show is over

Mr C autograph signing outside the Concert Hall