Emperor Qin's Terracotta Warriors

I finally got to see the terra-cotta warriors or some of them and  was overwhelmed seeing them up-close. Now on exhibition until 16 October 2011at the Asian Civilization Museum here in Singapore, the collection on display were just a fraction of actual numbers of 7,000 life-size sculpted clay terra-cotta soldiers, chariots, and horses.

The terra-cotta figures in the exhibition are a general, two archers, infantrymen, a cavalry officer, a charioteer, a strongman, and a horse. In addition to the terra-cotta warriors, other objects like an acrobat - a limestone suit of armor, real weapons, and a bronze bird. These form part of the recreation of the emperor's court for his use in the afterlife, unearthed in 1974.

 I spent a lot of time at the terra-cotta soldiers standing on the middle of the exhibition hall. It was truly amazing work of art, the facial expression, the hairstyle, and the armor were so detailed. 

 Part of the exhibition are terra-cotta figures from the tombs of the Han dynasty.

I came in just before 2:00pm and leisurely spot one by one the collection, and the crowd was manageable. But by the time I headed for exit the the exhibition hall was full already and surprised to find out outside the exhibition hall the long queue waiting to let in.

The Asian Civilization Museum is located along the Singapore River
Opening Hours : Mon 1-7pm,Tue to Sun 9-7pm, Fri 9-9pm
Admission Ticket SGD 8-Adult 4-Kids