Hong Kong Trip: Fooling Around Madam Tussaud Wax Museum

One of the attractions at The Peak is the Madam Tussaud Wax Museum, It is located at the second level of the The Peak Tower. Jackie Chan, Michelle Yeow, and Pierce Brosnan awaits you at the entrance lobby where the ticket booth is located. Entrance to the museum costs HKD 160.

Upon entering the main hall through a stair, you will be greeted with flash bulbs and ambush interviews by reporters and paparazzi's, be game to grant their requests after all you paid for it. The walls along the stairs adorned with frames of photographs celebrities/ famous people being waxed. The first set of celebrities in one hall section is the Hollywood A-list stars and the Asian counterparts appears to be having a party. You will be allowed to party with them and experience walking on the red carpet.

Madam Tussaud

The next set of waxed people you'll going to meet are some of the world's most famous historical and political leaders. The British royal family has a seat vacant reserve for you, the US presidents were there and gladly vacated the oval table just for you. I feel at home at this section. I tried grabbing Mahatma Gandhi walking stick, mimicking Lee Kuan Yew straight up serious pose, asking Einstein famous equation, raising the flag for Hitler, and sit at Mao Tse Tung  arm chair.

Then came the sporting heroes. I was trying to grab Yao Ming left foot so he cant shoot that ball, but then he don't need to move his leg to score.  David Beckham is in the penalty area, so you are allowed to pose with him for awhile. Since Tiger Woods is contemplating for his next move, you are free to give suggestions.

Then next is the music icons zone. The then famous, the now famous, and the dead ones were represented here. Madonna has her own stage and she will allow you to sing and dance with her. Marilyn Monroe is enticing you to raise her skirt and flirt with her. Share a sofa with the Beatles, and Elvis Presley is definitely haven't left the building.