Booking a hotel room

In every travel that I made, I am particular with the hotel room I will be staying. Midrange hotel is always a good choice, not only that it is within the budget but you can be assure of comfortable stay. 

I maximized my time exploring the place, and visited more if not all the attractions in the place I went to. So at the end of the day I will be tired and exhausted. So the need to have a hot dipped at the bath tub is always a welcome respite, and especially if I still have to explore the night life after that. Choosing a nice bed and room comes handy online, and hotel bookings online is reliable and always deliver. I always rely on agoda for my hotel bookings, not only the hotels on their selection is true, but they offer discounts that hard to resists.

But despite of careful selection, there will a chance that what you seen online does not match in actual. Or worst the hotel itself trying to shortchange you. For the first time I have experience this during this month travel to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

A blogger friend asked me to accompany him for a trip to Malaysia. I arranged for the hotel where we going to stay in Kuala Lumpur and managed to book an executive room with a view of the Petronas Twin Towers, being located within the city center. Upon arrival we proceeded directly to the hotel and immediately checked in at the hotel since it was already late in the afternoon. Alas the hotel receptionist tried to shortchanged us by giving us a standard room instead of the executive I booked. I found out this when we were in the room already, were I noticed that the room doesn't matched the one I have chosen based on the website. I checked back to their own website trying to find out if indeed I was given the correct room. The room assigned to us was indeed a standard room being located on the 6th floor. Executive rooms were at the next floor higher. When I called the reception, the receptionist argued that the room given to us is indeed executive and she's not apologetic. I mentioned to her what I found out, that based on hotel website, executive rooms were located on the 7th floor and the ones in the 6th floor were standard rooms. She was speechless for awhile and told me there were no available executive rooms. The heck what is the use of booking in advance if this would be the case. Should the room turned out to be good I would not be insistent because  the standard room is not only bare but everything inside is old as it doesn't undergone renovation yet. Aside from that, the reason I booked to this hotel was because of the beautiful night view of the Petronas Twin Towers as mentioned on their website. Even this was a disappointment because the room was facing on the opposite, with no view except the small swimming pool below. I was resigned to accept the fate but very disappointed, and just proceeded to go out and roam the city. Passing by to the reception area to surrender the key, I was told that they will going to change our room and we can move in upon our return, she was saying something but I hardly paid attention, and that I was relieved knowing I will not be sleeping in that room that night.

Upon return to the hotel later in the night, we were given two card keys. I did not expect much for the new room, since I expected it would be the one I have booked in the first place. Upon gathering our things we proceeded to the ninth floor and surprised to find out that we were given an executive suite! 

I was more than satisfied with the outcome, and the plan to wake up early to catch a ticket to the bridge of the Petronas Towers did not materialize, next time again.