Casa de Lou Kau in Macau

 One of the places of interest within the historic center of Macau and inscribed by UNESCO as a world heritage site is the Casa de Lou Kau. The Casa de Lou Kau or the Lou Kau Mansion is a traditional Chinese courtyard  house with western influence located on one of the alleys close to Largo de Senado.

This Chinese House was built in around 1889 was one of the residences of the wealthy merchant Lou Cheoc Chi who made a fortune operating gambling facilities in Macau.

Visiting and exploring the house gives you an idea how an affluent Chinese family lives in the 1800 in Macau. The house  has recessed entrance that opens into a main hall with side wings. Two interior courtyards that opens up brings in natural light and divide the house into three sections. The first section is the entrance hall  that serves as the main living area, the tea hall is the second section, and the third section is called the senior hall exclusively for senior members of the family.

The house interior is an interesting study.

The main entrance hall has an intricate wooden carvings purposely to ward off bad luck.

 The wooden stained glass windows and the carved wooden ceiling has resemblance with the churches interiors.

 The floor tiles
The open courtyard provide natural lighting, notice the carving on the roof wall 
 The wooden panels that separate the halls

Photos of the house owner were on display at the entry way of the mansion. 

The second floor is off-limit for public viewing. The Mansion is open to the public on weekends and public holidays from 9:00am to 7:00pm.