Upgrading to Snow Leopard

So everybody is upgrading to snow leopard except me, though not for now. The day snow leopard made available,it takes only two days to clear all the stocks at the apple stores here in Singapore. When I inquired when will the next stock be available, I was told I have to wait for three weeks and I have to endure long queue to get one. And also I have to leave from work.

So I left with only one option, to buy it online. The price is the same and no delivery charge. Since my mac is relatively new, I just have to purchase the upgrade version which amount to 48 sing dollars.

photo credit : apple

Comes Monday, as Apple is saying, I expect my mac to be refined and:

- have a new look, new features for Exposé and Stacks.

- faster to wake up and shut down.

- automatic updates for printer drivers, I can just plug my mac to a printer available at hand and leopard will download the latest driver from the internet and viola I can print effortlessly.

- a faster, more powerful Safari.- more reliable disk eject.

- more reliable, higher-resolution iChat.

and more...

Now i'm drooling.. can't wait.