A day tour in Manila, Fort Santiago

After four days in the province, I went back to Manila to spend the rest of the remaining days of my vacation before I go back to Singapore. While in Manila aside from the usual malling and bar hopping, I continue my list of places to visit while on vacation. Tagaytay and the Manila Ocean Park concludes the list. Originally my plan was to visit Corregidor since I have never been there, but due to bar hopping the night before, I woke up late so I opted for Tagaytay instead. It's been my nth times to Tagaytay since back in college some of my dorm mates where from within the area, so every time they went home on weekends we tag along and spend hours in Tagaytay before heading to their house.

First day in Manila was spent on touring Fort Santiago in Intramuros. From the hotel, I took the LRT and alighted at Central station. From there I passed by at the Liwasang Bonifacio, and took some pictures of the leader of Katipunan with the imposing Manila Central Post Office building on the background.

From Liwasang Bonifacio, I took a jeepney and dropped by the front of Manila Cathedral. You have to pay an entrance fee to enter Fort Santiago, I cant recall how much did I pay but my thought after touring the premises that the amount was expensive especially that nothing has changed physically since the days way back in college when we regularly held our school group meetings and practice sessions there and entrance fees were affordable.

Except for the usual tourist and group of korean students having their picnic, I haven't noticed students groups in the open gardens. The place is very much the same and I must admit it is well maintained and preserved. I have a grand time that early afternoon reminiscing those days I spent in there with friends from college.

the Main Gate of Fort Santiago

the main courtyard

Inside the Rizal Shrine

the many passages

After coming out of the fort, I proceeded to Manila Cathedral to attend mass where there is on going wedding, and to enjoy the interiors of the cathedral. My plan was supposed to tour the rest of Intramuros, but I want to catch the sunset so I flagged a taxi right after coming out of the cathedral to Manila Ocean park which is just few kilometers away from Intramuros.