A day tour in Manila, Manila Ocean Park

One of the good places to view the famous Manila bay sunset is at the Manila Ocean Park located behind the Quirino Granstand at the Luneta Park. But of course the main reason why to go there is because of the place itself. Other things to do are food tripping, bar lounging, and shopping. So there are so much time to kill in this place. Direct from Intramuros, I arrived the place just before the sun set. But before the sun touches the sea level clouds hides it so no spectacular view was captured.

Entrance to the oceanarium is php400 one way, yes because once you come out you can not go back as what I experienced. What happened was while I was halfway of the tour, there comes the announcement that the mermaid show will above to begin in 10 minutes, so I hurried up to go out with the intention of coming back again after the show. I was able to catch the show but were not able to come in again. Should had I asked first and learned the situation, I could have wait for the next hour show, and besides, the mermaid show can be watch also while inside the glass tunnel.

Once you come in, the first section that you will pass is the Agos (Flow), a rainforest motif covered surrounding, as you climbed up on a wooden stair. Within this section are tanks of freshwater fishes.

Next one is the Bahura (The Reef) section where artificial corals in exhibition.

The Laot (Fishing ground) section features big fishes, rays in long tanks.

The Buhay na Karagatan (Living ocean) is the main attraction of the oceanarium where you passed in a 25-meter walkway glass tunnel and thousands of fishes swims directly above you. As compared to other oceanariums in other asian countries, 25-meter walkway is a bit short say compared to Underwater World of Singapore which is 83-meter in length and equip with a travelator, but it is compensated by the 220-degree curved tunnel which differs from other asian countries' standard 180-degree curve.

The Kalaliman (The deep) showcases marine animals found in the deepest parts of Philippines waters.

The hallway has a variety of stingrays flying over.

The Mermaid show

The fish spa. A separate fee is required if you want the doctor fish have their dinner at your expense.
I chose Makansutra for dinner for I was curious to know how the food will fare compared to one in Singapore. It's restaurant concept is same to a hawker's food center in Singapore. We tried the Bah ku teh and hokkian mee, and. The taste is not as good as you can get in Singapore.

Before going back to the hotel, I decided to stroll the Rizal Park and took a few shoots of the national hero's monument, and spent half an hour watching the open theater show of the hero's famous novel Noli Me Tangere. What a way to end the tour.