Tagaytay City Trip

I woke up late the following day since I slept around 4:00am the night before. So instead of going to Corregidor as planned, I travelled up south to Tagaytay City and the trip was my ninth time already. There was no particular reason why I chose Tagaytay except to accompany someone who has never been there before. I never get tired coming back to Tagaytay as I love the weather and the scenery especially the view on top the Palace in the Sky. 

View from the unfinished building terrace

Going to Tagaytay from Manila, we took an air-conditioned bus from the bus terminal located behind McDonalds at Pasay Rotunda closed to the mrt  Taft station. We dropped by at the Olivares Junction upon arrival at Tagaytay. We supposed to take a jeepney at the junction to Peoples Park but alas the jeepney  terminal had been transferred one kilometer away so we took a jeepney to the new terminal. Soon as the jeepney was full we left and arrived at the Palace in the Sky in thirty minutes.

The winding road that lead to the top

Admiring the view from atop
View of Tagaytay Highlands

The unfinished structure and the open garden 

 While in the Palace we got to tour around the place and have a refreshment at the food kiosk. We managed to buy some souvenir items from the souvenir shop. When the place become crowded we decided to left the place and proceeded to the next stop, at the Picnic Groove Park. We took the same jeepney that brought us there and that will passed by at Picnic Groove.

The Picnic Groove is another tourist attraction in Tagaytay. It offers an unobstructed view of the Taal Lake and the famous Taal Volcano. Picnic Groove has rooms and villas for rental, horses for rent for horseback riding. It also offers picnic cavanas and tables for rental. A new addition to the place is the 250m Zipline. There is an entrance fee before you'll be allowed to come in at the park.

The view deck 
The 250m Zipline that is 300m above ground
The picnic tables that can be rented for a day, the view upfront is the Taal Lake

The amazing view of the Taal Volcano and the Lake