This day last year

This time last year I was busy scouring crowded areas in Manila looking for firecrackers to bring home for the new year eve. You may ask why I have to scour when every corner of the street firecrackers store pop outs during this time.  These mock up stalls pop outs in busy sidewalks in crowded places like markets, bus stations, near mall in Manila and other cities in the Philippines. These stalls goes side by side with fruit stands.

It goes like this. All these stalls carry the same pricing, usually pricing of their own regulation. These vendors normally purchased theirs in just one source which is in Bocaue, Bulacan. I know the whole stretch of  the road carries the same price, what I always did is to stop in every stall and ask for the price and make haggle and pretend i'll be buying big quantity so that the storekeeper will give me good price. Then I transfer to the nearby stall and repeat the same thing and be observant with the storekeeper I just haggled in, chances are he might ask me to come back and offer me good price I can't resist. If I think it's the good price I grab it but if I sense it can be lowered more I continue haggling then close the deal. If not I continue doing it until I reach the last stall at the end of the road and assess which stall has the lowest price and go back to that stall and do the purchase. While doing all these I have to be observant of con men, pickpockets and errant vendors. 

I can assure you it is very enjoyable thing to do especially if you are not in a hurry and you have all the afternoon. This is one of the things I enjoyed most doing after Christmas.

Today this all I can do. Have a prosperous New Year.

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