"Sorry Aquino"

When was the last time you said sorry? Why did you say it? Whom you say it?  I asked this because just days past I was rattled watching on 24 Oras former president Cory  saying sorry to Erap for her role in EDSA 2001 where Erap ended his stay in Malacanang abruptly and goes straight in jail. What the **** she was talking about, was my initial reaction. I was flabbergasted and though she was smiling, I end up cursing someone. There was nothing to be sorry about. How could she be sorry when everything that happened that time was right? Erap was convicted. The next days, her son explained that it was meant to be a joke, in response to Erap remarks before she was asked to speak and should not be taken seriously. Erap took it seriously and believed that he has done nothing wrong and by Cory saying sorry to him concreted his belief. 

If she should say sorry of what she has done that time, it is to say sorry that GMA did not upheld her ideals and reasons of EDSA 2001, but that is another story.

Of course no one will take her seriously on that remarks, reading people’s reaction to her sorry proves that she should be the one sorry she said it. First time I heard her speaking in public was during her campaign sortie in Plaza Quezon in Naga City way back in 1986 and she was supposed to speak why Bicolanos should vote her instead of Marcos, but she talked only about Ninoy. That time by just mentioning Ninoy would be enough to get people vote her, in Bicol she won the election landslide. These days she can no longer get people rally behind her. I hope Cory would be more cautious now and maybe retire from politics if she wants history judge her right, or be end up sorry.

Now it’s my turn to say sorry to her.

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