Simbang Gabi in Singapore

I was not aware that there is Simbang Gabi being held here in Singapore because last Sunday the church where I heard mass did not mention about the simbang gabi. It was only last Friday that I came to know so I attended the same day and the day after. The twist of the simbang gabi is that it is being held nightly at different churches. Can you imagine every night you have to go to a church different from the last night you have been to and they are far apart.

I find this amusing and love to complete the nine nights should I have learned it ahead. But my excitement somehow has been dampened by how the mass has been carried out. The priest who is officiating mass has a different approach in conducting the mass, it is far from solemn. That night I thought I was attending a gathering or a rally. Maybe he was just overwhelmed by the crowd or it is just me who is not used to that kind of officiating mass. His homily is diverting, he is reading mails he said emails sent to him a day earlier talking about the letter sender enjoyment of the arrozcaldo being served after the mass, and kept mentioning it the entire homily. The Ambassador and her family was invited to set at the altar together with the sacristans facing us during the entire mass, i was astounded seeing them facing us. When she was introduced and praise to heavens, a lady behind me was not able to control her temper and utter ' oa naman yan, wala naman natulong sa amin yan', what she means by that i have no idea and have no guts to asked her after the mass. After mass she was asked to speak before us, I expected her to say something related to her job like what her office was doing  given the present situation but she just mentioned only about her first time arriving Singapore being welcomed at the church and wishing us a merry christmas. 

I thought I was not used to it and maybe because of the attendees the church was full pack and overflowing of kababayans as myself also was surprised to see them in one place, and decided to attend the mass the next night at a different church in Boon Lay. Still I experienced the same thing. The priest talking again emails he received and the letter contains how delighted he was eating what else but arrozcaldo after mass. The Ambassador speaking again after mass, I have no idea if she  sit together with the priest as I was outside the church the entire mass. 

After that I decided not to continue attending the simbang gabi as I learned that it was always that way from the start. I hope God is not mad at me, as I don't feel the spirit nor the solemnity.  It keep me feeling I am attending a rally which does not help me good.

No I have not tried the arrozcaldo the priest keep on talking, maybe because I hate falling line? It did not cross my mind.  

Would you do the same thing? 

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