Food we eat, how safe?

WARNING : These pictures shall not be viewed if you are eating and have sensitive stomach.

When was the last time you check your food, I mean checking it inside out before biting it? Or I may ask, are you checking your food first before biting it? No? Nolah? Hindi? Para pa? If your answer is yes, be very afraid. Read on.

My friend, who is a former colleague sent me these pictures which was sent to him by a colleague here in Singapore. He emailed me and told me that I don’t have to mass produce the email and it is just for my own consumption and the reason for sending it to me is to warned me to be wary on what I eat here and avoid the place were the food was bought. But I want to share these pictures to you my friends so you may be aware and be cautious next time you eat outside food. At first I did not bother to upload the photos and just view on the same main page, so I thought there is nothing unusual with the photos and maybe my friend is just trekking me. It was days after that I decided to download the photos and open it on my wide monitor did I saw the clearer picture and made me throw up almost! There are worms inside, I don’t know if they are still alive when the food was served. The food was ordered in one of the stalls inside a big supermarket in a mall.


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