How did I spend my Christmas Day?

I woke up today late than usual and arrived office just in time, almost. Thanks to the ever reliable MRT. After all the revelry yesterday, today I find my worksite block seems to be too quiet. Today also, my mind and body seems not on sync than usual. But I guess this I felt morning after feeling always pop out after every revelry or occasion-draining day.
Yesterday I spend my Christmas late afternoon at Orchard Road for the annual Christmas show right in the middle of the road. There are floats that not much to be desired, but learned later that they were better than last year huh. The show itself was yawning and appears to be a hush-hush. You see I decided to catch the show expecting it will be grandiose as the landmark road itself, speaking of Orchard Road why the whole stretch of the road is a bit messy. I understand that the road is undergoing upgrading works but I can say that my block worksite is better and nicely maintained. This is being my first time to catch this annual fair. I stayed on until the UP Madrigal Singers completed their performance. I purposely waited for their turn to perform though I was completely not at ease standing outside the cordoned mock up stage. I must say it's a pity they came all the way from the Philippines just to perform in a hush-hush show. Their performance itself was not that impressive as the sound system was not able to highlight their voices well. But one thing I have noticed, their performance was well received after every completion of song, they have rendered a Filipino song Kumukutikutitap and two not so familiar English songs. The rest of the performers came from different countries in the region. The first performer was heartwarming though. He's Singaporean artist performed a dragging aerobic exercise complete with back ups, and two Chinese songs. What a feat for a guy who battled leukemia. Performers from Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, and Hawaii were there to perform as mentioned by the program emcee who I find him annoying the entire show I was there. Maybe that's the reason why not everybody paid much attention to the show although the entire stretch of the Orchard Road was full of people.

I was surprised when I left the show area and found out the huge people along the road and its sides. It was past 9 in the evening. They were there having the grand time taking pictures with them, floats have been lighted out and just settling there on the road waiting for people who love to take pictures with them.

Summing up, I enjoyed spending Christmas day at Orchard Road. The pictures were taken the hours before my iPhone life lasts.

How did you spend your Christmas day?

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