Turning into Minima

Reading other blogs writing about their observations, often summarizing and categorizing it, of the blogs they read is quite intimidating for me learning they are my readers too. In their write up they will tell his readers unwittingly how he find bloggers writings not to far to their likings, the motives of having blogs, and so on. Knowing that they regularly read my blog too and consciously aware that my blog is one being pointed to not in a good way, I suddenly develop paranoia and unconsciously losing interest updating my blog. So you see, I don’t have degree to boost to be a good writer, Back in college if you are in engineering department, the arts and sciences department will often dismiss you as English morons. Our Arts and Sciences instructors treat us engineering students lightly and oftentimes will not test our limits capability on the subject; and yes we are trained to be technical writers. But that was during my time, I don’t know if it is still the same today.

No I am not making excuse here why I have few entries these past few weeks. But I can’t deny this observation I have stated has got to do with it. So, either I have to stop reading friends blogs so I can regularly update my own without hesitation, or keep reading them and eventually immunes myself of what they’re saying, then I can write whatever pleases me my own way.

Or maybe not. I am experiencing a mental block syndrome once again. No matter how anxious I am to write something, nothing comes up. Too bad that because of this I am slowly losing interest to blog. I was tempted to discontinue blogging for awhile and gone hiatus. Then suddenly it hit me. I am only bored. And when I am bored change is inevitable.

Have you seen my tumblr blog? And yes I have a new one in wordpress. Please visit them too.


  1. Toinks. E magpo promote lang naman pala ng tumblr blog un mamang brag. Di mo kaya sinabi agad. Nahawa ka na sa kadramahan ko noh.

    And that's not writer's block, I think. Tinatamad ka lang. It's either that or gusto mo lang magtravel uli. Dalhin mo lang cam mo or video cam para may maishare ka uli sa amin.

    Ang drama kasi. Heh.

  2. PS: Bat kaya ang liit ng font mo ngayon. Mahirap basahin, tol. ",)

  3. Hi Jan, see what I mean, lol

  4. Naku! we're on the same boat! Pero i don't care if i can see flaws in my articles... it just shows who i really am.. i'm no perfect but a mere human being... I may have stumble but that doesn't hinder me from improving myself... jejejejejejeje... dumarami na blog mo ah... jejejejejeje..saka nag iba ka na rin ng format/skin sa blog mo dito... jijijiji

  5. @ I am Xprosaic : oo nga pasensya na lang siguro sila lol. yap kaya turning minima title post kasi minima yung theme ko, white and black backgrounds are the in now diba?

    @Everlito (ever) Villacruz hahah ano sa tingin mo, nang aaway ba? lol