iPhone 3GS sales top 1 million

It has been reported that the newly released iPhone 3GS had sold more than 1 million in three days after it was launched. That was an impressive number considering the present state of the economy, and debut only in eight countries compared to 28 countries in last year's iPhone 3G launch. But how this new iPhone 3GS affect us 3G users?

The new iPhone 3GS where the S stands for speed, offers yes faster speeds, longer battery life and the ability to take videos. Features which, we will not enjoy, but can also benefit the other features of the new iPhone 3GS by simply upgrading to iPhone OS 3.0 which runs the new 3GS. These new features are; the spotlight search which searches all contents across the iPhone like contacts, email, calendars, notes, and iPod contents. This works well for people with lots of e-mail and media.

Now we can now cut, copy, and paste quickly by just tapping. We can copy content from the web, then paste it into an email or text message by simply tap and hold to select the word, drag it and paste. We can copy multiple photos either from the web or of our own photo and paste them into an email or an MMS. If we make a mistake, we will just shake the iPhone to undo!

Another feature is the intelligent keyboard. It accelerates typing as it tracks what you type, then suggests words, correct spelling, and inserts punctuation. This annoys me sometimes especially if I am keying in tagalog words or txts words ( wer u na) heheh, but iPhone learns the words we frequently use and tracks it so this feature will no longer becomes a problem after some time. And the best part is we can all do this in landscape mode, a big improvement.

There are a lot of improvements from the old iPhones, notable of these are the parental controls and the new Find My iPhone feature which helps track down if I misplaced phone and wipe its contents if necessary. So if we lose our iPhone we can initiate a remote wipe and restore the factory settings, and if we just misplace it or returned to me later which i think unlikely, we can restore back the data we had wiped.This is good because we can protect our privacy.

No wonder it sales well, but for me I still have to think twice to buy the new iPhone 3GS, all the features from the iPhone OS 3.0 upgrade are more than enough for now.

photo credit:apple.com


  1. are we really in recession? =P btw..i am a huge iPhone fan..but never got around to buying one...like im there already at the shop..but then at the last minute,changed my mind.. there's something holding me back..maybe my system is on recession..yahahaha..

  2. @Confession Nook: or maybe you are not ready yet for the big change heheh

  3. i just waited for the new design and features.and if happens, i will buy the old one.:)

  4. how can i get that kind of gadget/technology?.. WIN LOTTO!

  5. With great features comes GREAT price too... especially here in the Philippines... jijijijijijiji...sige nga ang $300 na iphone sa america dito selling at whooping 3x more expensive more or less! jijijijiji... kasama ba yan sa sinesale sa great singapore sale ngayon?! jijijijiji

  6. i can't relate to this. i don't follow comunication technology. their depreciation value decreases fast kasi...

  7. parang may mali sa sentence ko. i meant they depreciate fast. basta may text ang call faetures, okay na for me. i don't want to pay for features i don't use.