Filipino made headline because of A H1N1

What a day! A Filipino made headline on the local broadsheet here today because of the A H1N1. One of the footballers from Team Philippines who are in the country for the inaugural Asian Youth Games has been confirmed with the virus after he developed symptoms a day after they arrived. As a result he was admitted to the Communicable Disease Center and in stable condition. Because of this the whole team including the coaches has been quarantined at a local resort and will stay there for 6 days.

It is really depressing to end this way for the whole team. After all those hard training and looking forward for a good fight will end up not playing. In the meantime all the scheduled games for the team has been postponed. What will happen by the time the quarantine period ended, are they still allowed to compete? It is mentioned in the news that the team has been vaccinated against seasonal flu two weeks ahead of their arrival but still the boy has been contracted by the virus.

There are total of 126 confirmed cases of A H1N1 victims here in Singapore. Most of these came from overseas, but there are cases were the victims have no travel history or known contact with the confirmed cases. Will this mean there will be community spread and will result to increase at a fast pace? I hope it will not, but nevertheless I believe the government is ready. All I can do now is to observe proper hygiene and might as will limit my movement to work and home routine. No malling for me for now and will try to avoid taking the mrt.

I just hope that the boy footballer is an isolated case and the Team Philippines will be able to compete and hopefully win.


  1. what!..sayang naman yung mga paghahanda nila kung nagkaron ng ganyang problema..eniwey! hope na maging ok at maayos din lahat...hirap talaga pag tinamaan ng h1n1...we pray na makauwi sila ng maayos at magaling!

  2. Ngeek! Naku naman... parang nagiging overrated na ang a h1n1 para sa akin ah... diba d naman yan nakamamatay... virus lang... parang flu... well sabi ng doh eh d raw nakakamatay... la lang... jijijijiji

  3. someone just died here from the flu. anyway, we all need tobe careful. i hope the entire team gets well! sayang pala if they don't win. :(

  4. @Ever : oo nga, pagkatapos ng panahon na ginugol nila sa pag eensayo, masasayang lang.

    @JD : heheh may casualty na nga pero kagabi sa 24Oras masyado namang kinawawa ng DOH sec yung biktima, dami nya sinabi tungkol sa mga sakit ng pasyente kaya sya namatay para lang madiin nya na hindi lang sa virus sya namatay.

    @Reena : sayang nga pag di man lang sila makapaglaro. Three players from Hongkong has been confirmed having the virus too.

  5. Sikat na naman nag PINOY...

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