Minding other's business

This morning while riding on a bus going to work, I seated in the rear end of the bus. Unknowingly I was seated behind a kabayan who was busy fondling his nokia phone. I thought he was just playing or something until I become curious and after few minutes, gave in and dunked over to peep what he was doing. He was reading one by one all the text messages stored on his phone. Guess from where all the messages came from? Yes from his girlfriend or someone registered in his phonebook as baby. I got curious and carried away so it’s like we were reading it together. What made me hooked reading with him was the way the text messages has been exchanged. Apparently his baby was nagging him on something that she was asking for, an assurance from him the things like ‘you are there and I am here’ scenarios. What struck me was the lady’s varied messages, some I find hilarious, well in my point of view but it was composed in serious monotone. What struck me more was that the guy seems enjoyed reading them, well so as I suspected. I can’t imagine that she can come up all those messages, because looking at the guy, he seems does not fit to his baby's insinuations.

One word come up to my mind: suspicion. In a long distance relationship, there suppose to be no room for suspicion. In order for you two to survive distance relationship, you must learn to trust your partner whole heartedly. A single suspicion will break the bond you have for each other and it is a beginning of the end if you start to suspect your partner at any point of your long distance relationship.

And what are these text messages which I find hilarious, you would ask? Better not.

My voyeurism caused me to miss the bus stop and a 10 minutes late time.


  1. Hahahahahhaha... yeah suspicion... jijijijijiji... but long distance relationship didn't work with me either... I was too open that she met someone during the time I was away... and the worse part... it's her boss... and they got married! hahahahhahahha... but now, I made myself far better than what she imagined... hmmm talked about sweet revenge! jijijijijiji

  2. hala nakibasa ba sa txt..he he he...mahirap subukan long distance relationship..for me it's just for fun!..so he can use his cellphone.

  3. ang hirap talaga ng long distance relationship. pag bakasyon nga lang na hindi kayo nagkikita ng 2 buwan mahirap na e.

    @XPROSAIC: ouch! sakit naman non!

  4. sa panahon ngayon tol..kahit torpeng tao sanay nang manligawa sa ganyang paraan... hirap main-love sa taong hiondi mo nakikita...
    ouch! tama tol sila, txtmate...just for fun! Txt txt lang walang personalan... in other word, PAASA! Ouch!

  5. @Jaydee: Living well and happy is the best revenge. Maglaway sya ngayon. ",)

    @Brag: Ano bang tawag dun sa nakikibasa ng di nya text messages? Ahahaha. Wala lang.

    I still don't get the all caps tweet.

  6. @ I am Xprosaic : it's her lost ba ang lumabas, baka naman kaya di kayo ang mag soulmate heheheh.

    @ Everlito (ever) Villacruz : Nagkataon lang, eh nacurious ako kasi di nya naman kasi nadiscreet kala nya di pinoy nasa likod nya, lol

    @ Badong : mahirap ba, pero dapat may hirap din naman para malasap ang sarap, lol

    @ Mokong : tol yung nabasa ko eh palagay ko magsyota na at di lang textmate heheh

    @ jan geronimo : ang tawag don ata eh unwitting reader, lol palagay ko walang kasuspe suspetsa si kabayan na pinoy ako heheh.

    the all caps tweet is copy/pasted of About me,the blog owner id heheh

  7. ahahha! nanilip ka ng messages ng iba ah! ehehe!

    long distance. hirap nyan dude. kung ikaw ung tipong mahina ang sense of security, you would be constantly living under the cloud of suspicion and insecurity.

  8. tsk tsk..naughty nmn..

    buti di ka nahuli nakikichismax sa fone nya..

  9. @ elmot : it was unintentional naman hahahah

    I agree, buti na lang ako malakas ang sense of security ko :), comparing us guys to ladies, sino ang mahina ang sense of security?

    @ Confession Nook : it's a rare occasion kaya sinamantala na heheh, pero if siguro alam ni kabayan na pinoy ako malamang hindi sya ganon kalantad sa pagbabasa.

  10. yeah, i think mahirap nga ung long distance. i mean, bakit pa kayo papasok sa isang relationship kung hangin lang makakasama mo diba? pano na ung labing labing? hehe.

    di ba nya napansin na chumichismis ka sa cellphone nya? hehe

  11. kakatuwa nmn mga reaction...and to quote..aba aba enhenyero ha...implied yang sinasabi mong.."comparing us guys to ladies, sino ang mahina ang sense of security?
    " hmmm..."
    mahirap yang long-distance..mahal ang text...sa chikka nalang..yahaha

  12. you are funny! how could you read another person's cellphone messages without getting caught?

    there are times when we get tempted, right? but not long enough to really understand the story. hihihih.