Universal Studios Singapore : Waterworld

The first time I went to Universal Studios Singapore, I was not able to explore the Waterworld area since it was close to the public. During that time the main entrance gate was closed and only a small close signage hanging on the wall with no written notification why if was closed. So I told myself then that I have to come back to check the attraction since I heard that it is one of the shows not to be miss when in Universal Studios. And that is exactly what I did when I come back to Universal Studios Singapore, it was the Waterworld area that I have check in first. 

The Waterworld is an amphitheater with a huge stage full of water and designed like a scene in a movie with the same title that starred Kevin Costner. The stage is the set of a live-action performance of stunts and pyrotechnics which is the main attraction of the Waterworld. There are three set of shows daily, and the main gate closes just before the shows begin. I catch the 1:30pm show and seated on the upper part of the gallery and I would say I was lucky since I have no idea that there are wetting portion during the show performance. 

Our World
Before the main attraction, there is a pre-show that involve audience participation. Those who were seated at the front and close to the stage rows were likely to get wet accidentally and intentionally. So be aware if you don't want to get wet better be seated far and away from the stage. But in the event that you get wet, there is a drying station within the Lost World compound.

As mentioned the show starts with the getting to know audience first that also involve audience participation. The host and his crew were equipped with a water cannon that from time to time randomly shoot the audience. They will asked an audience to join them for some trick and task to do, then after that they will pour water over their head to the amusement of the rest of us.

The main show is a cat-mouse chase performance enhanced by speed boats and small plane supposedly in a waterworld village. The story evolved on pirates invading a village and the villagers have to depend their village and their lives as well. The chase involved rappelling, stairs climbing, and jet-skiing. The actors employ humor while doing all these show-stopping action. There were explosions and blasting to make the action scenes more realistic and exciting.

I had a blast watching the show and I was impressed. This is one show never to be missed when you visit Universal Studios Singapore.