My Jurong Bird Park Experience

In Singapore, there are four major wildlife parks for viewing and leisure attractions. These are the Singapore Zoo, the River Safari, the Night Safari, and the Jurong Bird Park. Of all four I have only been to Jurong Bird Park so far, even if I have been here in Singapore for over four years already. Maybe because I am not fan of viewing caged animals especially those kept in small confined fences. But learning that Jurong Bird Park is exhibiting birds in naturalistic setting I was tempted to pay a visit. 

Claimed as the largest bird park in the region, it houses more than 5,000 birds in a 20.2-hectare land located in Jurong Hill, Singapore.

The first area of the park that I checked out is the Penguin Coast. Housed in an explorer ship type building, the penguins can be viewed from an elevated viewing wooden deck separated by a glass wall in an indoor climate-controlled glass encased den. It's entertaining to watch them doing antics  swimming and diving under water, and walking on the ice surface.

 Coming out from the Penguin Coast I go next to walk-in African Waterfall Aviary. At the entrance arc, life-size African warriors in full regalia and recreated hut adorned with artifacts and african arts were lined both sides of the road welcomes visitors. Aside from the native african birds chirping above and on ground, another attraction here is the 30-meter high man-made waterfall.

Then my next stop was at the Lory Loft, where the bright colored birds of red, yellow, blue, and green can be touched and feed freely. The aviary has a hanging bridge and boardwalk for a 360-degree view of the landscape. There is a cafe beside the entrance that serves Australia's finest coffee and a selection of cakes and sandwiches. Best is that the cafe is air-conditioned, a good place to cool off after exploring the aviary.

 I took the park tram to the next stop, to the Parrot Paradise. The tram ride cost $5 for adult and $3 for children. On the way there the tram passed by the Birds of Pray caged individually along the road. The  Parrot Paradise aviary has largest collection of parrots caged individually. I don't understand why it coined  paradise, for me its heartening looking at the birds in cages. I just randomly passed-by as i can't stand seeing them in close confinement.

Then I stopped by at nearby pond where mandarin ducks freely swims at a pond with lovely koi fish in it. It's my first time to see a colorful mandarin ducks considered as the most beautiful ducks in the world.

 Another interesting to see and admired is the pelicans at Pelican Cove. These large and heavy looking with elongated bill is a delight to watch doing underwater swoops for fish.

Another place in the park that is a good-feel area to watch is at the Flamingo Lake. The pink-hued flamingos are freely strutting in style in search for food.

 These red colored flamingos were at the Flamingo Pool. Chilean and Caribbean flamingos.

Aside from the birds attractions at the park, there are two shows happening in the park, High Flyers Show and Kings of the Skies Show. The High Flyers sShow is being held at Pools Amphitheater daily at 11:00am and 3:00pm. Part of the show are the fly-bys of parrots and hornbills, a parrot that can mimic and sing in three languages.

 The Kings of the Skies show are demonstration of the mighty winged warriors falcons, hawks, owls, eagles, and vultures with their trainers.

Admission to the park cost 20SGD and  opens everyday from 8:30AM - 6:00PM. The park is located at 2 Jurong Hill, Singapore. For the direction to go to the park, the nearest mrt station is on East-West (Green) line Jurong East station. then take a connecting bus at the interchange that will take you right to the Bird Park.