Leaving yesterday behind

2012 was my laziest year in blogging, and I am not proud of it but I must admit that the lost in interest was the main culprit. I would like to left it behind and I want to be active again in blogging this year. I will need a lot of motivation and fresh ideas to achieve this as at present I still don't have the drive to basically be active again. In my previous post I stated that I will be writing on the trips I made in the second half of the year. I already started making drafts but I just can't finish it so I never got to publish it.  

I want to change the template of this blog, to help me move on and be active again but I still can't decide one that will be pleasing and clean looking. I might change the format of my writing too, maybe it might help me break away from the lost of interest in blogging. 

I will be backwriting my trips I made last year in snippets or in whole depends on how good is my brain in recalling what transpired of the trip and alongside my present trips and some interesting activities. This blog will still be focusing on my travels and maybe I can insert some bragging if I have the guts to do so.

As I am looking forward for a wonderful 2013 both personal and career wise, so as for this blog too.