Orchard Road Christmas Light Up 2012

The popular shopping district of Singapore has full of lights and christmas decors  as the annual lighting ceremony was officially held last Saturday 17 November 2012. As in previous years, the Singapore president launched the event. This year's theme is Christmas on a Great Street, with motifs of trees, heart, and doves as the major decors along the 2.2 kilometers stretch of Orchard.

It was raining hard prior to the ceremony so the turn out of people during that night was not as huge as last year. The street lights will last until 6 January 2013. There will be a nightly live musical shows beginning 17 December until Christmas day along the walkway of Orchard Road.

If you are in Singapore or planning to visit the country, spend a night in Orchard Road and be dazzled and experience  the magic brought by the holiday season.