To the moon and back

It's been six months that this blog has not been updated. And my blogger friend is filing a complaint to where I don't know hahah, thanks Reena. Actually I have many things to write and share here during those months and drafts has been readied including photos to be posted. But I have been to the moon, just kidding and honestly I was not so into it (writing) and was just waiting for the right time until I regain my interest back into blogging. The past six months I have been out of the country a few times, I have been to Bangkok and Pattaya in Thailand as my birthday treat to myself. I went home in the Philippines for a quick hospital visit to my mother who has been hospitalized due to heart condition. I also been to neighboring Malaysia several weekends just for a quick r&r in Johor Bahru. I became addicted that I keep coming back there as I can't resist traveling out of Singapore. My job limited me from traveling on a longer period nowadays. 

But last weekend I got to travel again to southeast asian city of Phnom Penh in Cambodia. It was a short trip but nevertheless a good one, since I got the opportunity to see and experience another city. I intend to come back there again as I think the city deserves a second visit heheh. The Cambodia's capital city may not be as slick and less glamorous compared to other neighboring ASEAN capitals but it has its own distinctive character that uniquely its own.

On the local front, after four years stay here in Singapore, I finally got the time to visit Jurong Bird Park, the largest bird sanctuary in the country. I finally watched the Waterworld show during my second visit to Universal Studios Singapore. I also been to Garden by the Bay, a new must visit place here in Singapore. I only explored a few of the attractions and need to come back to see the rest of this place to offer.

So expect that most of my entries in the coming updates will contains all that I just mentioned now.  

Welcome back to me, and thanks for reading.


Random travel shot :)