My Trip to Bangkok Thailand

 My trip to Bangkok happened last May as my post birthday treat for my self. I have been busy with work and got no time to write it up right after I came back. So I am just writing it now.

I spent the whole first week of May in the kingdom where I savor what the city can offer. The trip were centered on exploring the colorful nightlife and parts of Bangkok that I haven't been explored during my first visit to Bangkok.

I arrived in Bangkok during lunch time so before I hop in the express train I eat lunch first in one of the food stall at the basement of the airport close to the train ticketing counter.It was just a simple rice and chicken, a local thai dish. After my stomach has been taken cared of I immediately proceeded to the ticket counter to buy a ticket that will bring me to the city center. I took the express train and alighted at Makkasan station. I was lucky since the train arriving in 5 minutes and will leave immediately after disembarking arriving passengers. If I did not catched up the train I have to wait for half an hour for the next train. The express train traveled direct to Makassan station from the airport terminal with no stopping in between stations. From the station I have to walk out and cross a main road to a nearby mrt station. It was quite a distance that arriving at the Phetchaburi station had me sweaty. The reason I took the mrt instead of lrt because the hotel I will be staying is a walking distance to Lumphini mrt station. I arrived at Pinnacle Hotel past 2 in the afternoon and encountered a problem when the receptionist who hardly speak English assigned me a room with no bath tub contrary to what I have booked through Agoda. I need to come down at the lobby to complain and eventually the manager intervened and transferred me to the correct room. I felt exhausted upon settling in the room so I had a hot dip in the bath and took a short nap. 

The express train interior
View of the city from express train window, where's the traffic?
View outside my hotel window

It was my second time to travel to Bangkok, and my first trip happened several years ago. I was then able to explore the grand palace, wat arun and the reclining buddha at wat pho. So I excluded these on my list of places to visit this time around. I went out of the hotel and proceeded to my first outing. Although I have visited wat arun before I never got the opportunity to admire its grandeur  at night time. So my first destination it was, catching sunset at Chao Phraya river bank opposite Wat Arun to admire the temple during sunset and when it will be illuminated at night time. I took the mrt form Lamphini station to Hua Lamphong and took a taxi that will bring me to Wat Pho. Hua Lamphong is the nearest mrt station to the grand palace, way pho, and the Tha Thien pier if you want to go to way arun by crossing the river. I thought I can visit Wat Pho before heading to the riverside but the place were close already when I arrived. So I preceded to the riverbank open park beside Tha Thien pier and sit there to admire Wat Arun. The 70-meter high temple is absolutely stunning at sunset and particularly when lit up at night. My only disappointment was that I did not bring my tripod, it would have been a very good opportunity for me for the night photo shoot. But nevertheless I had a grand time.

Tuk Tuk on the street

Outside of Wat Pho
Tha Thien pier dock

Wat Arun

Inside the Tha Thien pier

Then I left the place and traversed the street sandwiched by Wat Pho temple and the Grand Palace and admired the lighted Grand Palace too across the street. And walking away form the grand palace passing through lit up government buildings I chance upon a night market. It occupies the whole stretch of the street and the stalls were laid on the pavement only. I just walk along and continue walking until I decided to leave and ended my night out. I took a pink taxi back to the Hua Lamphong station. But before catching the train I spotted outside the station an open area food stalls and decided to try the local food. I ordered a local noodle soup, fried rice, and fried chicken. The food isn't bad at all but not that good to say that I already tried authentic local food. After dinner I  went straight to the hotel. The hotel is just a walking distance from Lumpinee mrt station, the reason why I chose the hotel it's because it is located within the central district of Bangkok and near to  the famous red-light district. I decided that my night out won't be over yet, so after taking a rest and refreshed I went out of the hotel to explore the nightlife where Bangkok is famous for. The first night was spent roaming the Silom area and experienced the notorious nightlife in Bangkok, and i was not disappointed. I arrived back to the hotel at almost two in the early morning, don't ask me why.

Grand Palace view across the street