Chingay Parade 2012

Claimed by the organizers as the grandest in Asia, the Chingay Parade is an annual event held as part of the Chinese new year festivities in Singapore. This year the parade was confined at F1 Pit. A 360m waterway was built along the parade grounds. 

The first time I watched this event was three years ago where the participants were performing on several designated performance stages along the parade route. The spectators where able to watched the parade along the road. This year was different as you can no longer catch the participants parading along the road. 

This year I was not able to see the participants parading along on the road. For one to catch the parade, you need to buy a ticket and be seated on the grandstand where the parade will pass and catch the performances.  I did not buy a ticket so I just contented myself watching it from the outside.