Just an Update

Whoah! It is already mid month and yet this blog haven't leap to the new year. 

Busy at work and family matter capped the year 2011 on a not so happy end for me.

I was prepared to not spend Christmas in a place outside of Singapore and resigned to have a repeat of how I spent it the the year before. But what I was not prepared to was to received the news that my mother was rushed to the hospital two days before Christmas due to heart problem. It was her second. My family back home literally spend Christmas in the hospital, and I left worried and alone  and waiting anxiously news from home. She's out of the hospital on new year's eve, and now she's undergoing physiotherapy as right part of her body was affected. 

As for work,  yesterday we have completed the major part of the project I am supervising. Luckily the project contractor had exerted extra effort to rush a bit so we don't have to cram before the Chinese new year holidays. And because of this I already got the approval to clear my remaining annual leave for the year. Finally I can now pay visit and comfort my nanay back home. 

It was on Christmas day that the doctor attending my mom, assured us that she's already in stable condition. Happy and thankful I just let out all the worries and sadness that day in the evening by   Christmas dinner at the Marina Bay area and ended it by leisurely walking and enjoying the festivities  happening along Orchard Road. It was a wonderful moment  to behold and literally be merry.

New year's eve was spent with the family by cyber.