My Travel Task List for 2011 in Review

Never mind if this is already late. I would like to make an assessment on the list of task I set for 2011.

Last year I have been to eight places in four countries and went home to Philippines twice. Last year also  was my first time to Hong Kong and Macau, second time to Vietnam, and nth time to Malaysia. In Malaysia it was my first time to Penang Island and Putra Jaya. While I live in the Philippines, the travel to Corregidor Island and now famous Caramoan Peninsula were my first time.
The list I made last year:

1. TRAVEL TO MYANMAR. I did not accomplish this. There are only few airlines that flies to Myanmar and most of these airlines has few flight schedules. Jetstar flies to Yangoon twice a week on a midweek, so it is not possible for a short  weekend travel to Myanmar. Beside that I have to secure a visit visa before I can enter Myanmar. Though the country is already a member of ASEAN, citizens of ASEAN were still not allowed to visit the country visa free. But I am looking forward to make it this year, the country especially Yangoon is an interesting city to explore.

2. TRIP TO LUANG PRABANG. This one also I missed out. For the same reasons of lack of time and flight schedules, and there is no flight direct to Luang Prabang from Singapore. I have to travel to Kuala Lumpur and take Air Asia to Luang Prabang with a limited flight schedule. I move this and hope to make it this year.

The reason I wanted to visit Luang Prabang was its UNESCO world heritage sites. But I have compensated it by not one but two cities having equal  stature of heritage sites. In May I traveled to Macau and to Hanoi, Vietnam in August. Exploring the streets of Macau on  foot from one heritage site to another was a very fulfilling one. The walk into the narrow streets in cobblestone pavement passing through century old shophouses and buildings that is hidden conspicuously and waiting to be discovered was one experience you can only have when traveling. 

Mile Long Barracks in Corregidor Island, Philippines

Entrance leading to Batu Cave, Malaysia

Putra Jaya, Malaysia

The Prime Minister Office, Putra Jaya, Malaysia

Street of Macau

Another of equal stature when it comes to number of heritage sites is Hanoi in Vietnam. One particular place is the Old Quarter district of Hanoi that has been in existence for thousand years. Interesting feature about the place is the shops in a particular street sells common merchandise and the street is named after that merchandise. 

Old Quarters District, Hanoi Vietnam

Cruising in Halong Bay, Vietnam

 To add I was able to travel to Hong Kong as my birthday treat to myself.

 3. TRIP TO PENANG, MALAYSIA. My first travel for the year was in Penang Malaysia. The most memorable thing that retained in my mind out of the travel is the one particular saturday afternoon walk in the streets of Georgetown. It gave me goosebumps traversing the streets as there were few cars roaming on the streets lineup of century old shophouses and temples. You can almost feel the era the years gone by. 

Kek Lok Si Temple, Penang Malaysia

 4. EXPLORING CARAMOAN ISLANDS, PHILIPPINES. On my third attempt I finally got the explore and experience the natural beauty of the Camaroan. The islets and rock formations  and its pristine beaches truly describes the word paradise

 5. COMING BACK TO BORACAY ISLAND, PHILIPPINES. For two years, the island was my home. Snorkeling on the coral garden, 23 dives at all the diving sites, endless parties and cool night outs. Sunset viewing at all parts of the long stretch of the white beach, and all the island has to offer, I have experienced it all. The reason why I was in Boracay that long  was because of work. I was part of the team who built the now famous Shangri-la Resort Boracay. I left the project right after the structural component has been completed, so I was not able to see it's completion. That is the reason I want to go back to Boracay, to savor the fruit of my labor :) . So I'll add this again on this year's list.

6. ESPLANADE BY THE BAY, SINGAPORE. I finally got to see the interior of this Durian inspired structure when I watched the show of Mr Ryan Cayabyab and the RC Singers. The Concert Hall was the venue, and I was impressed by its state-of-the-art interiors and more so with its advanced acoustic features. In the middle of the hall is a big circular reflector that I have mistaken as just lighting equipment that drops down the ceiling. The hall can seat 1,600 people. 

7. PALAU UBIN, SINGAPORE. The visit to Palau Ubin happened in May. The things that stick to mind of the trip to Palau Ubin was able to discover that a modern Singapore has still a rural village in existence. I got to explore the place on bike. As it was a sunday, a lot of us visitors were roaming around, and the residents were unmindful. Perhaps maybe because they were used to it already as the place is a favorite weekend hideaway of locals and expatriates alike. 

8. ALKAFF BRIDGE. This I completely forget, maybe because I am not familiar with the place the brigade is located. The reason I want to check the bridge is because it was painted by a Filipino artist and just curious how it look like, but because it was done years ago I lost interest somehow that maybe it is no longer that interesting to look at. 

9. THE WOODLANDS WATERFRONT, SINGAPORE. The place I understand is close to where I am staying but is located in where I am not familiar with so up to now I haven't got the opportunity to check the place.  

10. OVERSEAS PHOTOGRAPHY TOUR. This may not possible this year due time constraint but I would love to make it this year, so I wish my new job assignment  will not be time demanding as the one I have now.