Model Shoot at HortPark

Last Sunday I joined my photography classmates for a Model Shoot organized by Steven Yee, our instructor specifically for us beginners as well as serious amateur photographers.

Two models have been hired and we were grouped into two and for two hours we practically shoot them with gusto :).

On the first hour it was Angela who was with us. Kian Teck one of the instructors aside from Steven chose the pond in front of the main building of Hortpark as our first spot for model Angela to pose.

Then we transferred to the steps of the main building.

Angela was asked to lay on the peebles below us.

Then it was our turn to shoot Huei Nee. We moved out of the main building and proceeded to one of the garden spot. The bamboo area.

Then to another spot, chosen for framing effect

Its time to go back to the main building.

The park main entrance hall

The HortPark

The group picture grabbed from PhotoVivo