Galungan Festival of Bali

The time I was on holiday to Bali, I got the opportunity to observed first hand Bali's most important festival which is the Galungan Festival. The festival is a holiday period throughout the island and the most important as it symbolizes the victory of Dharma ( virtue) over Adharma (all that is evil). It is believed that during the festival period all Balinese gods descended to earth for the festivities.

The festivities are made evident by the fitting of penjor (brightly decorated very tall bamboo poles with woven young coconut leaves, cakes, fruits, and flowers) on the right side of the entrance to every house which arch over the roads. It was a delight to watched these nicely decorated bamboo poles bending over along the villages roads.

As the ceremonies are common during the festival period, locals were spotted crowding the streets marching on in their colorful attire on their way the temples. The ceremonies is held to honor ancestral spirits.

I practically took a shot of these penjor in every street I passed by

The ceremony beside the main road near Kuta beach main entrance

The ceremony at Tanah Lot