Singapore Arts Fest 2010 Opening Act

Last friday night, I was at the Esplanade Park and Empress Place to witness the opening act of the Singapore Arts Festival 2010, the An Invitation to Dream - A Fire Garden Installation.

The fire garden installation features thousands of firepots scattered, attached, hanged, curtained in the Esplanade park, outside Victoria Theatre, and the Empress Place grounds with accompanying live music in three mock up stages, and two radio installations. The areas were transformed into a glowing wonderland, with all the revolving circular metal structures, hanging garlands, hanging lighted vests, charcoal balls, and fireballs!

The artist is French fire alchemist Compagnie Carabosse.

It was a delight to be there and be spellbound. I did not get the chance to dream as I was very busy taking pictures, and I believe I am not the only one :).

A forest of vests

Charcoal Balls are metal baskets with charcoal inside

"Meli Melo" is circular metal structures which spin slowly in different ways

Tall fire stovepipe billowing fire and smoke.

fire strand of fire pots

Hanging garlands of firepots

Fireballs are metal sphere made up of 10 meridians with a ring at each pole

Fire garland are chains of pots suspended from A-frames