The Kranji Memorials

Yesterday I finally got to check the Kranji Memorials in Old Woodlands Road and if not for the visit I was not able to learn more the place. You see I have known the place only as a war memorial honoring the thousands of men and women who died during World War 2. Little did I know that it's more that that. After the visit I learned that the whole complex is made up actually of three cemeteries namely the State Cemetery, the War Cemetery, and the Military Cemetery.

The State Cemetery

Once you come in to the complex the first section you will pass through is the State Cemetery where at present it has two graves, one in the middle of the ground belong to Pres. Sheares and the other on the farthest corner which I did not noticed belongs to the country's first president, Pres. Yusof.

Entrance to State Cemetery

The War Cemetery

There are thousands of headstones laid out in geometric pattern spread out on the hilly ground. To the east of the memorial are the Navy, Air Force, and Police Force, and the Army. To the south lies the men of Indian Infantry Regiments. Within the war cemetery grounds and at the top of the hill are various memorials namely Memorial to the MIssing, Singapore Memorial, Cremation Memorial, General Hospital Memorial, Unmaintainable Graves Memorial, and the Chinese Memorial.

Entrance to the War Cemetary

The Memorial Stone- Inscribed with it "THEIR NAME LIVETH FOR EVERMORE"

The Cross of Sacrifice

The Singapore Memorial

Projecting through the roof of the Great Winged Memorial is the 80 ft Singapore Memorial topped by a star. On the memorial panels are inscribed the names of over 24,000 men and women who have no known grave.

Memorial to the Missing - On the walls of this memorial are the names of 24 thousand soldiers and airmen of many races whom denied the customary rites accorded to their death.

Cremation Memorial