Themepark: Cambodian Cultural Village, Siem Reap

Angkor archaeological sites are the main tourist attractions in Seim Reap Cambodia, but aside from that there are other places in Siem Reap that is worth visiting too. One of these is the Cambodian Cultural Village.

Cambodian Cultural Village is a themepark constructed in 2001 that contained the country’s mini replica of its famous buildings, a wax and historical museum depicting its people and its culture, and the different local ethnic villages found throughout the country.

The Wax and Historical Museum

From the entrance hallway, the first to explore is the building that houses a wax museum of Cambodia’s past and present famous personalities. The Kings, Queens, military personnel, and political personalities. It also includes the monks, movie stars, and even aspara dancers. One thing I observed about the wax sculptures is that it was a bit awkward as it is disproportionate  and does not give justice to the famous personalities stature, but then again the effort is appreciated.

Then the historical part are the diorama of ancient Khmers during the Angkorian period.

How the Angkor Wat temple was built


Coming out of the museum building, is the area where the replica of the famous structures of Cambodia can be viewed in a sprawling landscape. There are only a few of them, so there is ample time to see up-close and appreciate the intricate detailing of these unique Khmer architecture.

Former capital Ou Dong

The Royal Palace

National Museum

Independence Monument

Reclining Buddha

The Villages

The Wedding Ceremony- part of the regular cultural show held at Millionaire House