On Traveling Business Class

In all of my travels whether local or overseas, I always take economy class. My thinking is that it is same whether you are on an economy or in business class as you are riding the same plane.

I was wrong. And was proven it during my latest trip back home. Actually I have no intention on traveling business class. I booked my ticket at Malaysia Airlines for the lowest price and not at the budget airline. Not only is Malaysia Airlines has offering a cheaper price but have superb offer which you cannot experience in a budget airline. First is that they have food inflight and usually nice one. Second it is spacious enough to stretch your legs. Third one is they have wide selection of entertainment onboard. Lastly and important if you are flying home, you are allowed to carry 35 kgs of luggage.

I did book my ticket economy and have no intention of flying business class. But few days after the booking I received an email telling me that I am eligible for an upgrade maybe because I booked most of my travels lately thru Malaysia Airlines. I just have to bid my lowest price for the upgrade. I thought there is no need for an upgrade but then I replied and just keyed in the lowest bid amount on selection and forget about it. Few days before the scheduled flight I received another email that I was upgraded to business class! That how I end up traveling business class.

How was the experienced?

Once I was seated, I was greeted by the flight attendant by my first name and offered me a glass of juice and pack of nuts. At the same time a menu that contains the food choices during the flight, actually there are two choices only. The catch is in economy class the flight attendant will ask you during the serving, in business class it is by written menu and given ahead of serving. There are few of us passengers during the flight and each row have 2 occupants seated separately. So as a result I am occupying the two seats and the other one on the other side of the isle.

Two pillows and a blanket was placed on my seat. Right after takeoff the flight attendant appeared and offered me a hot rolled towel to freshen me up and maybe clean my hands, then she promptly collected it with silver tong. Lunch  was served on a white table cloth, and comes  with a small plate.

After lunch I asked for a tea with milk, and oh boy, every time I emptied it the flight attendant is keeping it filled until I said enough. Should I have known it is the case, I should have asked for wine instead.

I spend the rest of the 3- hour flight by watching onboard movies. It was so comfortable and I would say it is heaven in business class.

Going out of the plane i was wondering whether i can experience it again, and wished myself back in the plane.
Now my only wish when traveling is to be given the opportunity to travel business class again.