The Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

One of the key attractions at the Gardens by the Bay is the Cloud Forest. It is one of the 2 cooled conservatories that confined a 35-meter man-made mountain and waterfalls. The Cloud Forest were contained flora of a moist climate region found at a height of 1,000m to 3,500m above the sea level.

 Let me tour you around.

Upon entering the dome, it is the waterfalls will the one to welcome you. The tallest is the 35-meter high that flows from an open steel channel extended out to let the water fall down below. The rest were positioned at varying levels. they are aptly called The Falls.

Passing by at the left side will you pass through the side of the mountain where you can appreciate the different types of pitcher plants, flowers of real and of Lego bricks installed inconspicuously to blend well. 

The walkway will lead you to the lift lobby that will bring you to the topmost peak of the mountain. The lift stops at the 6th level and to reach the topmost one must take the stair that lead out to the outside. The topmost part is where the Lost World garden  is nestled complete with a river.

Moving ahead, it is time to explore the mountain from the outside at the cloud level. To be in this level you need a pair of wings or a plane. At the dome, you just have to walk by the walkway. Traversing from the highest point of the mountain at a distance of the mountain surface to up-close as the bridge configured for that purpose. 

The mountain were densely planted numerous species and varieties of orchids, ferns, bromeliads, begonias, anthuriums and pitcher plants that flourish in a resplendent display of majestic beauty.

The cloud walk ends at The Cavern. The cavern is actually an open area formed like a cavern. Here you can appreciate more about cloud forests around the world.

And the mountain has a cave too. Inside the cave is an interactive display of real stalactites and stalagmites! The interactive display explains about geology, how the continents formed and the age of earth.

Coming out of the Crystal Mountain, is the start of the Tree Top Walk. Another bridge at the mid-section of the mountain providing a bird’s eye view of the treetops. At the end of the tree top walk, is the escalator that lead to the audio visual room that showing the state of the planet at present and the problems likely to happen in the future.

Coming out down to another level is the foot of the mountain where the Secret Garden is located before it lead out of the dome.

Aside from the plants and the trees, not to be miss are the wood sculptures strategically installed throughout.

The Cloud Forest building is one of a kind structure. It is a shell-shape dual system structure of gridshell and steel arches arranged radially in line with the geometry of the gridshell. The gridshell is made of glass panels fix together like a jigsaw puzzle.

The building is World Building of the Year winner for 2012.