Welcome back to me

I tried many times to return back to blogging, and during those times I struggled so hard to gain the momentum, I have many things in my mind to tell and to share, personal milestones, travel holidays and things that I want to share. But words just don’t come out easily to develop into sentences and turns into paragraphs to form a story.
I kept on trying and everything ended to nothing. But during those times I keep checking my blog to see and check my readers. I am happy that even it is not active it still get readers.

I have been out of the country a few times the past months. I travelled to Myanmar as my birthday treat to my hardworking self. It is so far a milestone because to travel to Myanmar is included on my bucket list and been planning it for two years already. It was a happy and very interesting trip. I tried to chronicle the trip in the coming days. I got interesting photos to share also. I have been to Bagan, Bago, and Yangon, places with so many stories to tell.
I travelled back to Davao in the Philippines and  it was my first time to visit the city, While in Davao I went to Samal Island. Though it was a short trip, it was a good one. Davao is my second trip to Mindanao, so I can finally claim already that I have been fully travelled to the whole Philippines.

The past months also I have been to short holidays to Malaysia, notably of this was my island holiday to Sibu Island. Though it is near to Singapore it was not easy to access if you don’t have transportation.. The place itself is beautiful but poorly managed, the villa I stayed is poorly cleaned and the toilet is disgustingly dirty. But the beach especially the hidden one has a white sand and crystal clear and calm water. That alone will compensate the high price you going to pay.
I got no much time to travel as compared to say three years ago. Things changed in my work, so much responsibilities that requires attention. I can no longer take a long leave and even a day or to two is not possible. But I have no regrets though sometimes I felt frustrated and restless. Before I can plan my trip way ahead without worrying it might not  push through or worst be cancel on the last minute with plane tickets on hand, now even you planned it days before chances are it will not be push through as the jobsite is unpredictable.
It is nice to be back and to be able to write again. It helps to loosen up the stress and anxiety brought about by the frenetic so called existence.
There, welcome back to me