The Peri-Peri Chicken of Nando’s

I thought it was just ordinary grilled chicken, so when my friend/ colleague told me to try having lunch at Nando’s  I just  say yes but did not take the initiative to seriously go for it.
But yesterday while I was in Johor Bahru and cannot decide what to go for lunch, it cross my mind to locate Nando’s at City Square Mall just outside the CIQ Complex. Despite of numerous visits to the mall I have no idea where it is located. So I keep going up and coming down to locate the restaurant.  Finally I decided to go to the basement and just go for Japanese sushi. Alas Nando’s is also at the basement and situated in a concealed corner.

So how’s the food?

After I settled in I ordered the peri-peri  ¼ chicken combination, the combination I ordered are coleslaw and wedges. For appetizer I ordered peri soup and garlic bread. And for drink I ordered Citrus Bliss, a mix of mint syrup, grapefruit juice and sprite. A slice of fresh citrus fruit and fresh mint leaves complete the refreshing drink.

What is unique to Nando’s when ordering the chicken is you have to choose the heat (the level of spiciness) and coined it peri-ometer. The choices are extra hot, hot, mild, and lemon and herb.  I choose mild as I have low tolerance for chilli. 

The drink is refreshing and I like the taste. Actually I was given a wrong drink. I was surprised after sipping the drink that it tastes just an ice lemon tea. When my drink finally arrived then I realized that I was given the wrong drink, good thing I was not charge for the drink.

The soup is good but nothing special. It is the garlic bread that tastes so good. It is freshly baked, soft and crispy.
The Nando’s chicken is flame-grilled and claimed to be marinated for 24-hours in secret sauce. I am a sucker for anything grilled. So definitely the peri-peri chicken is one of the best tasting at this category. The secret sauce is the secret for its unique taste. Among the choices for sauce, I opted for garlic sauce for my chicken.

So what is peri-peri? Here , the Nando’s  will be definitely now on my list for grilled flame chicken.
Nando’s is located at Lot MB-07, Basement 1 Johor Bahru City Square Mall