Casa de Lou Kau in Macau

 One of the places of interest within the historic center of Macau and inscribed by UNESCO as a world heritage site is the Casa de Lou Kau. The Casa de Lou Kau or the Lou Kau Mansion is a traditional Chinese courtyard  house with western influence located on one of the alleys close to Largo de Senado.

This Chinese House was built in around 1889 was one of the residences of the wealthy merchant Lou Cheoc Chi who made a fortune operating gambling facilities in Macau.

Orchard Road Singapore Christmas Light Up 2011

 The Christmas season in Singapore  is officially on. Last saturday the annual Orchard road Christmas Light Up ceremony was held in front of Takashimaya Shopping Mall along the Orchard Road. No less than the president of Singapore graced this annual event. This year theme is "Christmas Blooms in Singapore" where the whole stretch of the famous road is adorned with glittering silver and blue lights. Flowers of blue colored heart-shape petals hanged on the trees transforming the shopping strip into a wonderland garden.

Haw Par Villa

Its been months that I have been eyeing to check out Haw Par Villa but since it is located in a place I am not familiar with, I did not take it seriously. Now that the new mrt circle line  had opened and one of the stations is at the theme park doorstep I went there  during the hari raya haji holiday. Feedback has it that the place is empty most of the days, but the day I was there its quite a bit crowded, maybe because it was holiday. 

Exploring Caramoan Islands, Philippines

This post is the highlight of my trip to Caramoan, which is the island hopping. Caramoan is bless  with beautiful  rock formations and lush small islands having white sand beaches scattered within the vicinity. 

Upon arrival at the Paniman beach and hired a boat for the island hopping, I bought food for lunch in a nearby eatery while the boat is being readied. I was advised to have my lunch first since it was almost lunchtime, but I was not hungry yet so I opted to bring along the food and have lunch in the island.  Immediately after we left Paniman, the approaching scenery was captivating. The rock formation that first to appear, was a good welcome start and really made me excited for the rest of the place has to offer. There were still props used by the Survivors show challenge  hanging on the rock formation wall. Caramoan Islands is now popular location shoot of Survivor shows from European countries and some other Asian countries. The last one who just left the island is Survivor India.