Singapore Flyer

 I finally got the chance to experience being inside the capsule of the world's tallest observation wheel, the Singapore Flyer. Since the day I arrived here I made a mental note to visit and experience the flyer only because it was designed by my former office Arup. For me there is nothing exciting riding in a ferris wheel when I was a kid, so I never have tried one ever since. So because I was not too eager to try  and just waiting for the right timing, it takes me 3 years to finally be in there. 

The ride is cool, only for the view and the chance to photoshoot the city skyline. Other than that, the experience is just like you are riding in a slow pace elevator that allow you to see the nice view. I would say it's better to bring your camera to have something to do since the trip all the way around is about 30 minutes, just sitting inside the capsule  is way too long to endure. But the views are great especially during the time the sun is about to set, it simply breathtaking.

For the price of Sgd 29.50 per head, it's just once is enough experience.

View of the Floating stage and the Esplanade

Inside the capsule

View from the topmost of the Flyer

View of the Central business district